PGS Entertainment and The Smiley Company Announce “Mini Smiley” – A Musical Adventure in Preschool Entertainment

/ March 04, 2024 / Blog

PGS Entertainment, a leader in children’s animation, in partnership with The Smiley Company, a leading lifestyle brand for all ages, proudly announces Mini Smiley, a brand-new animated sing-along series based on the iconic Original Smiley. In an exciting fusion of education and entertainment, Mini Smiley introduces a refreshing approach to children’s content. Through a captivating collection of songs, the Smiley logo is brought to life with high-quality 3D animation and beautiful songs uniquely sung by kids, for kids.

Each episode of Mini Smiley is designed to be more than an animated adventure; it’s an opportunity for families to come together, fostering shared musical experiences that enhance the parent-child bond and turning each viewing into an unforgettable bonding occasion.

Mini Smiley’s songs explore key developmental themes that build on Smiley’s key ethos of promoting happiness and positivity, including friendship, love, kindness, courage, and curiosity alongside the magic of our world. These engaging melodies aim to teach and inspire, fostering emotional and social growth in a fun, relatable way.

The series is animated by Blue Spirit, the multi-award-winning studio renowned for its excellence in animation. The music for Mini Smiley is a collaborative effort written and composed by Philippe Soutter and John Mamann, whose notable works include tracks for Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, and J-Lo. Additionally, Mini Smiley marks the debut of Arpad as a singer whose distinctive voice not only reaches young audiences but also captures the essence of the series, imbuing every melody with the joy and wonder of childhood.   

Philippe Soutter, Co-Founder at PGS Entertainment, shared his enthusiasm, “We’re thrilled to bring Mini Smiley to young audiences around the world. This series is a perfect blend of PGS’s expertise in creating engaging content for kids and The Smiley Company’s success in consumer products. Mini Smiley is set to become a household favorite, offering not just entertainment but meaningful experiences for families.

The Smiley Company, with its vast expertise in consumer products, will oversee this dimension, ensuring a dynamic and engaging brand experience.

Nicolas Loufrani, CEO & Creative Lead at The Smiley Company, is excited by the new partnership saying, “Smiley has brought happiness to generations of kids and adults alike for the past 50 years and we are so happy to be able to bring the brand to life in a whole new way with Mini Smiley. PGS has spun their magic to create beautiful and engaging animation & original music which will captivate audiences the world over.”

The first episode of Mini Smiley launched on February 21. Fans can follow the series on its official YouTube channel and social media at @minismileyworld and discover new episodes every Wednesday.

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