New episodes available for the much awaited “Cracke – Family Scramble” new TV Series

/ November 19, 2021 / Blog

We are very excited to announce that two new episodes of CRACKE – FAMILY SCRAMBLE (52×7′), the brand-new slapstick CGI series by Squeeze, are now available for screening (on PGS website > Franchise private page).

This series is the flash-forward of the Cracke shorts (52×1′).  In Cracke – Family Scramble, the eight eggs Ed was watching over relentlessly have hatched, and it is now time for this first-time daddy to look after his ostrich octuplets. He loves them more than anything! Too bad his over-protective instincts and out-of-control imagination turn every family activity into a ridiculous adventure!

The full delivery of Cracke – Family Scramble (52×7′) is due in April 2022. 

Reminder about Cracke shorts (52×1′): 

  • Aired worldwide on Cartoon Network, Disney and Nick, as well as on many local Free to Air.
  • More than 500M views on digital Media!
  • Cracke shorts available worldwide and possibility to broadcast with new series and/or to use as promotional/marketing tool.
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