Mikros Animation IP Unveils Season 3 of ‘Gus the Itsy Bitsy Knight’ with Global Distribution by PGS Entertainment

/ April 02, 2024 / Blog
Produced by Mikros Animation IP (formerly Technicolor Animation Productions) and commissioned by TF1, with distribution and consumer products by PGS.

Building on the success of the first two seasons, PGS Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming third season of “Gus the Itsy Bitsy Knight.” Produced by Mikros Animation IP (formerly Technicolor Animation Productions) and commissioned by TF1, this new chapter is eagerly anticipated to charm audiences worldwide. Set for a 2025/26 release, Season 3 promises to continue the global adventures of Gus, with PGS Entertainment handling its international distribution and licensing & merchandising effort.

Gus is currently airing in over 100 territories on leading platforms such as TF1, Disney Germany, Cartoon Network, HBO Max LATAM, Televisa, DeaKids, Clan, RTP, and Radio Canada, showcasing its global appeal and continued success across multiple regions.

Season 3 of the series promises to engage fans with both familiar and new elements. The magical universe of Karamel Kingdom is set to expand, introducing new characters from the Oriental Stone Moon Kingdom, such as Prince Jak, Cloud Knight Kaina, and two supranatural creatures, alongside new locations, props, vehicles, and captivating storylines.

Philippe Soutter, Co-founder of PGS Entertainment, shared, “We’re excited to see continued interest for ‘Gus the Itsy Bitsy Knight’ across the world and are eager to deliver more episodes following its constant top rating performances worldwide.

At its core, the series emphasizes that size isn’t a measure of one’s capabilities. As Gus faces various adventures, challenges, and victories, he showcases values like bravery, friendship, and resilience, resonating with families worldwide.

Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director of Technicolor Animation Productions and Producer of the show, remarked, “We are eager and proud to announce Gus, Season 3. Our Itsy Bitsy Knight has undoubtedly earned his place in the kids’ hearts and once again, he will embark our audience and inner child in his exciting adventures with humor and tenderness.

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