Gus Season 2: Bigger, Better, and More Action-Packed!

/ June 02, 2023 / Blog

Following exceptional global ratings for its first season, Gus Season 2 is ready to captivate audiences worldwide. The success of Season 1 has propelled Gus into the spotlight as a cherished animated series, with audiences eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this epic saga.

We are pleased to announce that 80% of our Season 1 partners, including TF1, Disney Germany, Cartoon Network & HBO Max LATAM, Televisa, DeaKids, Clan, RTP, and Radio Canada, are already on-board for Season 2. Their renewed collaboration is a testament to the captivating storyline and high-quality animation that define the series.

As audiences prepare for the new season, we’re eager to share that Season 3 is already under development! This shows our commitment to producing an engaging animated series that audiences love.

Here’s What to Expect from Gus Season 2:

🌟 Bigger and Better Action

Season 2 intends to elevate the standard with larger-scale, action-filled episodes.

👥 New Characters

This season, Gus will be joined by new characters – the challenging Troll Boss and the stone giant Golrok.

🤿 Updated Equipment and Props

Gus is stepping up his game with an all-new aqua suit, and the Shadow Knight is armed with a state-of-the-art shield. These new props are sure to add extra intrigue and suspense.

🎨 Visually Stunning Environmental Settings

Viewers will also be treated to a visual spectacle in Season 2, with the introduction of stunning environmental settings that contribute significantly to the overall narrative.


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